KORN – Life Is Peachy (Ogv)

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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: February 8, 2010
Style: Nu Metal

A1 Twist 0:49
A2 Chi 3:54
A3 Lost 2:55
A4 Swallow 3:38
A5 Porno Creep 2:00
A6 Good God 3:21
A7 Mr. Rogers 5:10

B1 K@#Ø%! 3:02
B2 No Place To Hide 3:31
B3 Wicked 4:00
B4 A.D.I.D.A.S. 2:32
B5 Lowrider 0:58
B6 Ass Itch 3:39
B7 Kill You

SAM COOKE – Tribute to the Lady + 2 Bonus Tracks

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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: January 15, 2016
Style: Rhythm & Blues

A1 God Bless The Child 2:32
A2 She’s Funny That Way 1:49
A3 I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues 2:31
A4 Good Morning Heartache 2:06
A5 T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness (If I Do) 2:23
A6 Comes Love 2:38

B1 Lover Girl (Man) 2:25
B2 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off 2:19
B3 Lover Come Back To Me 2:10
B4 Solitude 2:22
B5 They Can’t Take That Away From Me 2:28
B6 Crazy In Love With You


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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: March 4, 2017
Style: Rock

A1 Sunday 4:45
A2 Cactus 2:54
A3 Slip Away 6:05
A4 Slow Burn 4:41
A5 Afraid 3:28
A6 I’ve Been Waiting For You 3:00

B1 I Would Be Your Slave 5:14
B2 I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship 4:04
B3 5:15 The Angels Have Gone 5:00
B4 Everyone Says ‘Hi’ 3:59
B5 A Better Future 4:11
B6 Heathen (The Rays)

KING DIAMOND – Fatal Portrait

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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: April 3, 2020
Style: Heavy Metal

A1 The Candle 6:38
A2 The Jonah 5:15
A3 The Portrait 5:06
A4 Dressed In White 3:09

B1 Charon 4:14
B2 Lurking In The Dark 3:33
B3 Halloween 4:12
B4 Voices From The Past 1:29
B5 Haunted

STEVIE WONDER – Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants [2 LP]

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Format: LP, Album
Release: July 26, 2018
Style: Pop Rock, Soul, Disco



A1 Earth’s Creation
A2 The First Garden
A3 Voyage To India
A4 Same Old Story
A5 Venus Flytrap And The Bug
A6 Ai No, Sono
B1 Seasons
B2 Power Flower
B3 Send One Your Love/Insturmental
B4 Race Babbling
C1 Send One Your Love/Vocal
C2 Outside My Window
C3 Black Orchid
C4 Ecclesiastes
C5 Kesse Ye Lolo De Ye
C6 Come Back As A Flower
D1 A Seed’s A Star And Tree Medley
D2 The Secret Life Of Plants
D3 Tree
D4 Finale

ELI “PAPERBOY” REED – Roll With You [Deluxe Remastered Edition]

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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: October 9, 2018
Style: Soul, Neo Soul, Funk


A1 Stake Your Claim 2:48
A2 Am I Wasting My Time 3:29
A3 It’s Easier 4:04
A4 The Satisfier / Backing Vocals – The Vari-Speeds  2:38
A5 Take My Love With You / Written-By – Barnwell*   3:32

B1 I’ll Roll With You 3:33
B2 She Walks / Written-By – Spraker*  3:39
B3 I’m Gonna Getcha Back 3:01
B4 Won’t Give Up Without A Fight 2:34
B5 (Am I Just) Fooling Myself 5:26
B6 (Donin’ The) Boom Boom

HOWLIN WOLF- Moanin In The Moonlight + 4 Bonus Tracks


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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: April 21, 2016
Style: Chicago Blues

A1 Moanin’ At Midnight 2:43
A2 How Many More Years 2:58
A3 Smokestack Lightnin’ 2:32
A4 Baby, How Long 2:18
A5 No Place To Go 2:31
A6 All Night Boogie 2:16
A7 Rockin’ Daddy
A8 Going Back Home

B1 Evil 3:01
B2 I’m Leavin’ You 2:29
B3 Moanin’ For My Baby 2:17
B4 I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) 2:47
B5 Forty-Four 3:02
B6 Somebody In My Home 2:59
B7 I’ll Be Around
B8 So Glad

Steve Moore – BLISS

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Format: Vinyl LP
Release: November 21, 2019
Style: Ambient


A1 Incremental Progress
A2 You Holding?
A3 Diablo
A4 The Bite
A5 The Hangover
A6 You’re Not Going To Die
A7 Nobody Cares
A8 You’ll Never Know What It Is Like
B1 You Don’t Look Too Good
B2 First Kill
B3 I’m Scared
B4 You Don’t Give Up
B5 Murderer
B6 Back To Life
B7 Immortal Combat
B8 Finishing Touch
B9 Sunlight

FISTER – Decade Of Depression

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Format: Vinyl
Release: July 10, 2019
Style: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal


A1 City Of The Living Dead
Written-By – Fabio Frizzi
A2 For Whom The Bell Tolls
Written-By – Burton Clifford Lee*, Hetfield James Alan*, Ulrich Lars*
A3 Mandatory Suicide
Written-By, Lyrics By – Hanneman Jeffrey*, King Kerry Ray*, Araya Diaz Tomas E.*
A4 Too Old Too Cold
Written-By, Lyrics By – Nagell Gylve*, Skjellum Ted Arvid*

B1 How The Gods Kill
Lead Vocals – Eva Rose (2)
Written-By, Lyrics By – Danzig Glenn*
B2 Reaper
Written-By – Neubart Jorg*
Written-By, Lyrics By – Fischer Thomas Gabriel*
B3 And Only Hunger Remains
Written-By, Lyrics By – Schirenc Martin*
B4 The Failure

Wargirl – Wargirl

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Format: Vinyl LP, Album
Release: October 22, 2018
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Art Rock


A1 Poison 3:20
A2 Sass Girl 3:25
A3 Mess Around 3:27
A4 Voice Of The Mountain 3:48
A5 No Difference 2:35

B1 Streets 3:44
B2 How You Feel 2:35
B3 I Know I 6:07
B4 Make Believe 3:25
B5 Last Time 5:39

PRICE DROP: VA – The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2 (2xLP Red Vinyl)

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Format: 2xLP, Album
Release: September 20, 2019
Style: Folk, Country, Soundtrack



D’Angelo – Unshaken
Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryl Hatcher, Rhiannon Giddens Moonlight
Daniel Lanois – That’s The Way It Is
Daniel Lanois – Mountain Finale
Rocco Deluca – Crash Of Worlds
Willie Nelson – Cruel World
Daniel Lanois – Red
Rhiannon Giddens – Mountain Hymn
Rhiannon Giddens – Mountain Banjo
Daniel Lanois – Table Top
Daniel Lanois – Love Come Back
Daniel Lanois – Oh My Lovely
Josh Homme – Cruel World


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