Creedence Clearwater Revival ‎– 1969 (Box Set)

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Format              3 LP, 3 CD, 3 EP7″ / Box Set

Release            September 9, 2016

Genre                Rock, Classic Rock


LP1:    Bayou Country* – Japanese red vinyl LP with unique cover and lyric insert
A1 Good Golly Miss Molly
A2 Penthouse Pauper
A3 Proud Mary
A4 Keep On Chooglin’
B1 Born On The Bayou
B2 Bootleg
B3 Graveyard Train

LP2:   Green River* Italian LP with unique cover
C1 Green River
C2 Commotion
C3 Tombstone Shadow
C4 Wrote A Song For Everyone
D1 Bad Moon Rising
D2 Lodi
D3 Cross-Tie Walker
D4 Sinister Purpose
D5 The Night Time Is The Right Time

LP3:   Willie & The Poor Boys* US LP
E1 Down On The Corner
E2 It Came Out Of The Sky
E3 Cotton Fields
E4 Poorboy Shuffle
E5 Feelin’ Blue
F1 Fortunate Son
F2 Don’t Look Now (It Ain’t Your Or Me)
F3 The Midnight Special
F4 Side O’ The Road
F5 Effigy

CD1:   Bayou Country
1-1 Good Golly Miss Molly
1-2 Penthouse Pauper
1-3 Proud Mary
1-4 Keep On Chooglin’
1-5 Born On The Bayou
1-6 Bootleg
1-7 Graveyard Train

CD2:   Green River
2-1 Green River
2-3 Commotion
2-4 Tombstone Shadow
2-5 Wrote A Song For Everyone
2-6 Bad Moon Rising
2-7 Lodi
2-8 Cross-Tie Walker
2-9 Sinister Purpose
2-10 The Night Time Is The Right Time

CD3:   Willy And The Poor Boys
3-1 Down On The Corner
3-2 It Came Out Of The Sky
3-3 Cotton Fields
3-4 Poorboy Shuffle
3-5 Feelin’ Blue
3-6 Fortunate Son
3-7 Don’t Look Now (It Ain’t Your Or Me)
3-8 The Midnight Special
3-9 Side O’ The Road
3-10 Effigy

7″ EP1:   Proud Mary EP (Brasil)
A1 Bad Moon Rising
A2 Lodi
B1 Proud Mary
B2 Walk On The Water

7″ EP2:   Bad Moon Rising EP (Japanese red vinyl)
C1 Bad Moon Rising
C2 Proud Mary
D1 Suzie Q
D2 I Put A Spell On You

7″EP3:   Fortunate Son EP (Mexico)
E1 Fortunate Son
E2 Cross-Tie Walker
F1 Tombstone Shadow
F2 Down On The Corner

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