David Bowie ‎– Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976]  (13 LP) Box Set



Format               Vinyl (13 LP) Box Set

Release             September 23, 2016

Genre                 Classic Rock, Blues, Pop


LP1: Diamond Dogs (2016 Remaster) Reissue
A1 Future Legend 1:00
A2 Diamond Dogs 6:04
A3 Sweet Thing 3:39
A4 Candidate 2:40
A5 Sweet Thing (Reprise) 2:32
A6 Rebel Rebel 4:34
B1 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me 4:02
B2 We Are The Dead 5:01
B3 1984 3:27
B4 Big Brother 3:23
B5 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family 2:06

LP2: David Live (Original Mix) (2016 Remaster) Reissue
C1 1984 (Live) 3:21
C2 Rebel Rebel (Live) 2:40
C3 Moonage Daydream (Live) 5:07
C4 Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise) (Live) 8:33
D1 Changes (Live) 3:34
D2 Suffragette City (Live) 3:41
D3 Aladdin Sane (Live) 5:00
D4 All The Young Dudes (Live) 4:18
D5 Cracked Actor (Live) 3:25

E1 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me (Live) 4:16
E2 Watch That Man (Live) 5:04
E3 Knock On Wood (Live) 3:20
E4 Diamond Dogs (Live) 6:29
F1 Big Brother (Live) 4:07
F2 The Width Of A Circle (Live) 8:11
F3 The Jean Genie (Live) 5:17
F4 Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide (Live) 4:47

LP4: David Live (2005 Mix) (2016 Remaster) Reissue
G1 1984 (Live) 3:22
G2 Rebel Rebel (Live) 2:41
G3 Moonage Daydream (Live) 5:08
G4 Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise) (Live) 8:35
H1 Changes (Live) 3:35
H2 Suffragette City (Live) 3:42
H3 Aladdin Sane (Live) 5:02
H4 All The Young Dudes (Live) 4:14

I1 Cracked Actor (Live) 3:26
I2 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me (Live) 4:16
I3 Watch That Man (Live) 5:05
I4 Knock On Wood (Live) 3:24
J1 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Live) 3:48
J2 Space Oddity (Live) 6:26
J3 Diamond Dogs (Live) 6:26

K1 Panic In Detroit (Live) 5:39
K2 Big Brother (Live) 4:10
K3 Time (Live) 5:23
L1 The Width Of A Circle (Live) 8:10
L2 The Jean Genie (Live) 5:19
L3 Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide (Live) 4:46

LP7: The Gouster (2016 Remaster)
M1 John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) 7:01
M2 Somebody Up There Likes Me (Alternative Early Mix) 6:32
M3 It’s Gonna Be Me (Without Strings) 6:30
N1 Who Can I Be Now? 4:42
N2 Can You Hear Me (Alternative Early Version) 5:24
N3 Young Americans 5:17
N4 Right (Alternative Early Version) 4:40

LP8: Young Americans (2016 Remaster) Reissue
O1 Young Americans 5:17
O2 Win 4:47
O3 Fascination 5:48
O4 Right 4:22
P1 Somebody Up There Likes Me 6:36
P2 Across The Universe 4:33
P3 Can You Hear Me 5:08
P4 Fame 4:21

LP9: Station To Station (2016 Remaster) Reissue
Q1 Station To Station 10:17
Q2 Golden Years 4:03
Q3 Word On A Wing 6:04
R1 TVC15 5:35
R2 Stay 6:16
R3 Wild Is The Wind 6:06

LP10: Station To Station (2010 Harry Maslin Mix)
S1 Station To Station 10:18
S2 Golden Years 4:03
S3 Word On A Wing 5:55
T1 TVC15 5:33
T2 Stay 6:15
T3 Wild Is The Wind 6:07

LP11: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2010 Remaster)
U1 Station To Station (Live) 11:52
U2 Suffragette City (Live) 3:30
U3 Fame (Live) 4:01
U4 Word On A Wing (Live) 6:05
V1 Stay (Live) 7:24
V2 Waiting For The Man (Live) 6:19
V3 Queen Bitch (Live) 3:12

LP12: W1 Life On Mars? (Live) 2:13
W2 Five Years (Live) 5:04
W3 Panic In Detroit (Live) 6:02
W4 Changes (Live) 4:10
W5 TVC15 (Live) 4:57
X1 Diamond Dogs (Live) 6:38
X2 Rebel Rebel (Live) 4:06
X3 The Jean Genie (Live) 7:25

LP13: Re:Call 2
Y1 Rebel Rebel (Original Single Mix) 4:23
Y2 Diamond Dogs (Australian Single Edit) 3:00
Y3 Rebel Rebel (US Single Version) 3:00
Y4 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me (Live – Promotional Single Edit) 3:29
Y5 Panic In Detroit (Live) 5:49
Y6 Young Americans (Original Single Edit) 3:17
Z1 Fame (Single Edit) 3:34
Z2 Golden Years (Single Edit) 3:29
Z3 Station To Station (Single Edit) 3:41
Z4 TVC15 (Single Edit) 3:36
Z5 Stay (Single Edit) 3:22
Z6 Word On A Wing (Single Edit) 3:14
Z7 John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) (Single Version) 3:26

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