David Bowie- PinUps

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PinUps (180 Gram Vinyl)


Format        LP, Remastered, 180 gram

Release        February 26, 2016

Genre           Classic Rock, Glam



A1 Rosalyn 2:27
A2 Here Comes The Night 3:09
A3 I Wish You Would 2:40
A4 See Emily Play 4:03
A5 Everything’s All Right 2:26
A6 I Can’t Explain 1:47
B1 Friday On My Mind 3:18
B2 Sorrow 2:48
B3 Don’t Bring Me Down 2:01
B4 Shapes Of Things 2:47
B5 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3:04
B6 Where Have All The Good Times Gone? 2:35

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