My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

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It Still Moves [4 LP][Deluxe Edition]


Format        4 x LP, Deluxe Edition

Release        May 27, 2016

Genre            Indie Rock




A1 Mahgeetah
A2 Dancefloors
A3 Golden
B1 Masterplan
B2 One Big Holiday
B3 I Will Sing You Songs


C1 Easy Morning Rebel
C2 Run Thru
C3 Rollin Back
D1 Just One Thing
D2 Steam Engine
D3 One In The Same


E1 En La Ceremony
E2 Grab A Body
E3 That’s Too Bad
F1 Mahgeetah (Demo)
F2 Dancefloors (Demo)
F3 Golden (Demo)


G1 Master Plan (Demo)
G2 I Will Sing You Songs (Demo)
G3 Easy Morning Rebel (Demo)
G4 Run Thru (Demo)
H1 Rollin Back (Demo)
H2 Steam Engine (Demo)
H3 One In The Same (Demo)

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