Wilco – Wilco

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Wilco [Vinyl]


Format         LP + CD

Release        June 30, 2009

Genre          Country Rock, Indie Rock




Wilco (The Song)
A2 Deeper Down
A3 One Wing
A4 Bull Black Nova
A5 You And I
A6 You Never Know
B1 Country Disappeared
B2 Solitaire
B3 I’ll Fight
B4 Sonny Feeling
B5 Everlasting Everything


CD-1 Wilco (The Song) 2:59
CD-2 Deeper Down 2:59
CD-3 One Wing 3:42
CD-4 Bull Black Nova 5:39
CD-5 You And I 3:26
CD-6 You Never Know 4:21
CD-7 Country Disappeared 4:02
CD-8 Solitaire 3:04
CD-9 I’ll Fight 4:23
CD-10 Sonny Feeling 4:13
CD-11 Everlasting Everything 4:00

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