Bob Marley – The Best Of

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The Best Of Bob Marley


Format        LP, album

Release       May 15, 2015

Genre          Reggae



A1 Kaya (re-recording) 2:30
A2 Rainbow Country (re-recording) 5:47
A3 Soul Rebel (re-recording) 3:45
A4 African Herbsman (re-recording) 2:25
A5 There She Goes (re-recording) 2:32
A6 You Can’t Do That To Me (re-recording) 2:51
A7 No Sympathy (re-recording) 2:17
A8 No Water (re-recording) 2:10
B1 Touch Me (re-recording) 3:06
B2 My Cup (re-recording) 3:35
B3 Treat You Right (re-recording) 2:13
B4 Corner Stone (re-recording) 2:27
B5 Soul Shakedown (re-recording) 3:07
B6 All In One (re-recording) 3:34
B7 Stand Alone (re-recording) 2:09
B8 Sun Is Shining (re-recording) 2:12

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