B.B. King – The Kings Blues Box (3LP)

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The King's Blues Box - Colored Vinyl


Format         3xLPred, white & blue vinyl

Release        April 1, 2016

Genre            Blues




A1 B.B. Boogie 3:12
A2 Walkin’ And Cryin’ 3:30
A3 A New Way Of Driving 2:08
A4 Please Love Me 2:49
A5 Every Day I Have The Blues 5:04
A6 Mr. Pawnbroker 3:15
B1 From The Bottom 2:45
B2 You’ve Done Lost Your Good Thing Now 5:16
B3 It’s My Own Fault 3:35
B4 Catfish Blues (AKA Fishin’ After Me) 2:30
B5 The Letter (Live) 3:30
B6 Servant’s Prayer 3:05


C1 Take My Hand, Precious Lord 3:23
C2 Save A Seat For Me 3:06
C3 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 2:11
C4 Old Time Religion 2:31
C5 Jesus Gave Me Water 3:04
C6 I Never Heard A Man 2:39
C7 Army Of The Lord 3:08
C8 I’m Working On A Building 2:48
D1 The Thrill Is Gone 4:53
D2 Every Day I Have The Blues 4:45
D3 How Blue Can You Get? 3:26
D4 Caldonia 3:26
D5 Please Love Me 3:02
D6 Sweet Sixteen 4:19


E1 I Got Some Help (I Don’t Really Need) (AKA Outside Help) 6:54
E2 Payin’ The Cost To Be The Boss 6:26
E3 That Evil Child 3:54
E4 Guess Who 5:39
F1 Why I Sing The Blues 4:18
F2 You Know I Love You 5:07
F3 Sweet Little Angel 6:01
F4 All Over Again 7:07

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