Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium (4LP)

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Format        4 x LP

Release      December 5, 2006

Genre          Alternative Rock, Funk Metal



LP1: Jupiter
A1 Dani California 4:42
A2 Snow ((Hey Oh)) 5:35
A3 Charlie 4:38
B1 Stadium Arcadium 5:15
B2 Hump De Bump 3:33
B3 She’s Only 18 3:25
B4 Slow Cheetah 5:20
C1 Torture Me 3:44
C2 Strip My Mind 4:19
C3 Especially In Michigan 4:00
C4 Warlocks 3:26
D1 C’mon Girl 3:49
D2 Wet Sand 5:10
D3 Hey 5:40

LP2: Mars

E1 Desecration Smile5:00
E2 Tell Me Baby 4:08
E3 Hard To Concentrate 4:00
F1 21st Century 4:22
F2 She Looks To Me4:06
F3 Readymade 4:30
F4 If 2:52
G1 Make You Feel Better 3:52
G2 Animal Bar 5:25
G3 So Much I 3:44
G4 Storm In A Teacup 3:45
H1 We Believe3:35
H2 Turn It Again6:05
H3 Death Of A Martian 4:25

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