Black Sheep – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing / $=Expired

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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [Vinyl]


Format         LP, album

Release        October 22, 1991

Genre            Hip Hop, Conscious



A1 Intro 0:49
A2 U Mean I’m Not 1:25
A3 Butt…In The Meantime 4:13
A4 Have U.N.E. Pull 3:48
A5 Strobelite Honey 3:05
A6 Are You Mad? 0:43
A7 The Choice Is Yours 3:23
A8 To Whom It May Concern 4:04
A9 Similak Child 4:27
A10 Try Counting Sheep 4:24
B1 Flavor Of The Month 4:17
B2 La Menage 3:23
B3 L.A.S.M. 2:12
B4 Gimme The Finga 4:25
B5 Hoes We Knows 4:20
B6 Go To Hail 1:02
B7 Black With N.V. (No Vision) 3:56
B8 Pass The 40 4:46
B9 Blunted 10 1:56
B10 For Doz That Slept 2:39







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