The Growlers – Are You In Or Are You Out?

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Are You In Or Are You Out? [Vinyl]



Format        LP, album

Release      October 6, 2009

Genre          Psychedelic Rock


A1 Something Someone Jr. 3:33
A2 A Man With No God 2:31
A3 Red Tide 4:14
A4 Swallowed Hole 3:10
A5 Old Cold River 5:00
A6 Hoopity Hip 0:34
A7 Wet Dreams 2:48
A8 Stranger’s Road 2:03
B1 Heehaw Stomp 3:16
B2 Barnacle Beat 4:38
B3 Wandering Eyes 2:18
B4 Tijuana 2:23
B5 Lenny Sinpablo Juliano 36th 1:16
B6 Black Jungle Supreme 0:42
B7 Old 8 Legs 1:12
B8 Acid Rain 2:33
B9 Empty Bones 5:21
B10 Swamp Stomp 0:16

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