The Clientele – Suburban Light (LP+CD)

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Suburban Light (Reissue)


Format        LP, album + CD

Release      May 13, 2014

Genre          Indie Pop




A1 I Had To Say This 3:33
A2 Rain 2:35
A3 Reflections After Jane 3:24
A4 We Could Walk Together 2:35
A5 Monday’s Rain 5:06
A6 Joseph Cornell 2:23
B1 An Hour Before The Light 2:31
B2 (I Want You) More Than Ever 3:02
B3 Saturday 3:54
B4 Five Day Morning 4:07
B5 Bicycles 2:19
B6 As Night Is Falling 5:17
B7 Lacewings 3:48


CD-1 Sarah’s Prelude 1:47
CD-2 6am Morningside 1:52
CD-3 Monday’s Rain (Portastudio Version) 4:08
CD-4 From A Window 2:42
CD-5 What Goes Up 3:36
CD-6 Driving South 4:49
CD-7 Porcelain (Portastudio Version) 3:30
CD-8 May Has Brought A Change In You 2:27
CD-9 Tracey Had A Hard Sunday 4:48
CD-10 Six Foot Drop 4:14







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