The Cramps – Stay Sick!

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The Cramps - Stay Sick


Format        LP, album

Release      January 31, 1994

Genre          Psychedelic Rock



A1 Bop Pills 2:24
A2 God Damn Rock ‘N’ Roll 2:38
A3 Bikini Girls With Machine Guns 3:18
A4 All Women Are Bad 3:08
A5 The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon 3:10
A6 Shortnin’ Bread 2:49
A7 Daisys Up Your Butterfly 2:38
A8 Everything Goes 3:46
B1 Journey To The Center Of A Girl 4:49
B2 Mama Oo Pow Pow 2:33
B3 Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz 2:43
B4 Muleskinner Blues 2:49
B5 Her Love Rubbed Off 2:59
B6 Her Love Rubbed Off (Live) 5:04
B7 Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (Live) 3:30




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