The Lonely Island – Wack Album (LP+DVD)

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The Wack Album [LP/DVD Combo]
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LP, Album + DVD July 9, 2013 Hip-Hop, Comedy, Electro


LP-A1 Dramatic Intro 1:21
LP-A2 Go Kindergarten 2:27
LP-A3 Hugs 3:01
LP-A4 Diaper Money 1:51
LP-A5 Yolo 3:09
LP-A6 Spell It Out 1:08
LP-A7 Semicolon 2:35
LP-A8 Where Brooklyn At? (Interlude) 0:43
LP-A9 You’ve Got The Look 2:12
LP-A10 I’m A Hustler (Song?) 1:20
LP-A11 Spring Break Anthem 2:13
LP-B1 I Run Ny 3:05
LP-B2 I Don’t Give A Honk 2:13
LP-B3 3-Way (The Golden Rule) 2:51
LP-B4 Meet The Crew 1:57
LP-B5 I Fucked My Aunt 2:31
LP-B6 We Are A Crowd 1:24
LP-B7 The Compliments 2:43
LP-B8 We Need Love 2:13
LP-B9 Perfect Saturday 3:19
DVD-1 Yolo 3:14
DVD-2 Diaper Money 1:51
DVD-3 We Need Love 2:13
DVD-4 3-Way (The Golden Rule) 2:51
DVD-5 Spell It Out 1:16
DVD-6 Spring Break Anthem 2:13
DVD-7 100th Digital Short 3:21


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