Peter Frampton – Fingerprints (2LP)

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2 LP, Album,  D-side Etched  January 26, 2018 Acoustic, Fusion, Jazz-Rock


A1 Boot It Up 3:28
A2 Ida Y Vuelta (Out And Back) 3:24
A3 Black Hole Sun 5:25
A4 Float 4:03
B1 My Cup Of Tea 4:52
B2 Shewango Way 3:19
B3 Blooze 5:14
B4 Cornerstones 3:13
B5 Grab A Chicken (Put It Back) 3:52
C1 Double Nickels 3:48
C2 Smoky 4:51
C3 Blowin’ Smoke 3:49
C4 Oh When … 1:19
C5 Souvenirs De Nos Pères (Memories Of Our Fathers) 4:58


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