Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet – Landfall (2LP)

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Landfall (2LP)
Format: Release: Style:
2 LP, Album February 16, 2018 Avantgarde, Neo-Classical


A1 CNN Predicts A Monster Storm 3:19
A2 Wind Whistles Through The Dark City 1:59
A3 The Water Rises 2:43
A4 Our Street Is A Black River 1:20
A5 Galaxies 1:07
A6 Darkness Falls 1:56
A7 Dreams 4:01
A8 Dreams Translated 0:51
A9 The Dark Side 1:11
B1 Built You A Mountain 2:16
B2 The Electricity Goes Out And We Move To A Hotel 3:04
B3 We Learn To Speak Yet Another Language 3:01
B4 Dawn Of The World 2:22
B5 The Wind Lifted The Boats And Left Them On The Highway 2:40
B6 It Twisted The Street Signs 1:13
B7 Then It Receded 0:52
B8 The Nineteen Stars Of Heaven 2:44
C1 Nothing Left But Their Names 9:38
C2 All The Extinct Animals 2:50
C3 Galaxies II 0:54
C4 Never What You Think It Will Be 1:11
C5 Thunder Continues In The Aftermath 1:55
C6 We Blame Each Other For Losing The Way 0:42
D1 Another Long Evening 1:57
D2 Riding Bicycles Through The Muddy Streets 2:37
D3 Helicopters Hang Over Downtown 2:16
D4 We Head Out 1:50
D5 Everything Is Floating 1:59
D6 Gongs And Bells Sing 2:33
D7 Old Motors And Helicopters 2:49


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