The Verve – Urban Hymns (6LP) BOX SET

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Urban Hymns [6 LP][Super Deluxe Edition]
Format: Release: Style:
LP, Album September 1, 2017 Alternative Rock, Brit Pop


Urban Hymns
LP01-A1 Bitter Sweet Symphony
LP01-A2 Sonnet
LP01-A3 The Rolling People
LP01-B1 The Drugs Don’t Work
LP01-B2 Catching The Butterfly
LP01-B3 Neon Wilderness
LP01-C1 Space And Time
LP01-C2 Weeping Willow
LP01-C3 Lucky Man
LP01-C4 One Day
LP01-D1 This Time
LP01-D2 Velvet Morning
LP01-D3 Come On
LP02-A1 Lord I Guess I’ll Never Know
LP02-A2 Country Song
LP02-A3 Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
LP02-A4 So Sister
LP02-B1 Echo Bass
LP02-B2 Three Steps
LP02-B3 The Crab
LP02-B4 Stamped
LP02-C1 The Drugs Don’t Work (original demo)
LP02-C2 Never Wanna See You Cry
LP02-C4 The Longest Day
LP02-D1 Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)
LP02-D2 Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)
LP02-D3 This Could Be My Moment
LP02-D4 Monte Carlo
Live At Haigh Hall (24.05.98)
LP03-A1 This Is Music
LP03-A2 Space And Time
LP03-A3 Catching The Butterfly
LP03-A4 Sonnet
LP03-B1 The Rolling People
LP03-B2 Neon Wilderness
LP03-B3 Weeping Willow
LP03-B4 The Drugs Don’t Work
LP03-B5 Lucky Man
LP03-C1 Life’s An Ocean
LP03-C2 Velvet Morning
LP03-C3 Bitter Sweet Symphony
LP03-D1 One Day
LP03-D2 History
LP03-D3 Come On


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