Placebo – A Place for Us to Dream (4LP)

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A Place For Us To Dream (4LP Set)
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4 LP, Compilation, GATEFOLD November 4, 2016 Post-Punk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock


A1 Pure Morning
A2 Jesus Son
A3 Come Home
A4 Every You Every Me
B1 Too Many Friends
B2 Nancy Boy
B3 36 Degrees
B4 Taste in Man
B5 The Bitter End
C1 Without you Im Nothing
C2 English Summer Rain
C3 Breathe Underwater
C4 Soulmates
D1 Meds
D2 Bright Lights
D3 Song To Say Goodbye
D4 Infra-red
D5 Running Up That Hill
E1 B3
E2 For What Is For
E3 Teenage Angst
E4 You Dont Care About Us
E5 Ashtray Heart
F1 Broken Promise
F2 Slave to the Wage
F3 Bruise Pristine
F4 This Picture
F5 Protege Moi
G1 Because I Want You
G2 Black Eye
G3 Lazarus
G4 I Know
H1 A Million Little Pieces
H2 Special Needs
H3 Special K
H4 Loud Like Love


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