Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Format: Release: Style:
LP, Album, 180 gram September 15, 2017 Post-Hardcore, Nu Metal


A1 (Ambition; Destruction) 0:18
A2 Do You Really Want It? 3:53
A3 (Convict; Divide) 0:41
A4 Let ‘Em Burn 3:56
A5 Ripping Me Apart 4:04
A6 Don’t Stop 4:15
B1 Funny Little Creatures 3:28
B2 (React; Respond) 2:29
B3 The Great Divorce 4:39
B4 Still In Love 4:36
C1 (Along; Together) 1:31
C2 Go To War 4:05
C3 Just Say When 3:41
C4 (Accept; Disconnect) 1:55
D1 Who We Are 3:26
D2 Tunnels 4:11
D3 (End; Begin) 1:40
D4 Fadein/Fadeout 6:04


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