The Aquabats – The Fury Of The Aquabats (2LP, Neon Green Vinyl)

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The Fury Of The Aquabats (Expanded 2018 Remaster) (2 LP, Neon Green Vinyl)
Format: Release: Style:
LP + LP S/s, Album, Neon Green Viny May 4, 2018 Ska


A1 Super Rad!
A2 Red Sweater!
A3 Magic Chicken!
A4 Fight Song!
A5 Cat With Two Heads!
A6 The Story Of Nothing!
B7 Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates!
B8 Martian Girl!
B9 Attacked By Snakes!
B10 Idiot Box!
B11 Powdered Milk Man!
C12 My Skateboard!
C13 Phantasma Del Mar!
C14 Lobster Bucket!
C15 Theme Song!
C16 Playdough!
C17 Hockey Fight!
C18 Adventure Today!

   D-side Etched


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