Easy Star All-Stars – Radiodread (2LP, Beer/Gold Vinyl)

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Radiodread Special Edition
Format: Release: Style:
2 LP, Album, Special Edition, Beer/Gold Viny May 19, 2017 Reggae


A1 Airbag 5:00
A2 Paranoid Android 6:27
A3 Subterranean Homesick Alien 4:40
A4 Exit Music (For A Film) 4:23
B1 Let Down 4:44
B2 Karma Police 4:48
B3 Fitter Happier 2:19
B4 Electioneering 4:33
C1 Climbing Up The Walls 4:56
C2 No Suprises 4:01
C3 Lucky 5:45
C4 The Tourist 4:02
D1 An Airbag Saved My Dub 4:50
D2 Exit Music (For A Dub) 4:38
D3 Dub Is What You Get (Mad Professor/Joe Ariwa Mix) 4:34
D4 Lucky Dub A (Mad Professor/Joe Ariwa Mix) 4:59


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