Jeff Beck – Live+ (2LP)

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Live + (2LP 180 Gram Vinyl)
Format: Release: Style:
2 x LP, Album, 180 gram September 4, 2015 Blues Rock, Classic Rock



  A1. Loaded (Live)
  A2. Plan 9 (Live)
  A3. Morning Dew (Live)
  A4. You Know You Know (Live)
  A5. Why Give It Away (Live)
  B1. A Change Is Gonna Come (Live)
  B2. A Day In The Life (Live)
  B3. Yemin (Live)
  B4. Superstition (Live)


  C1. Hammerhead (Live)
  C2. Little Wing (Live)
  C3. Big Block (Live)
  C4. Where Were You (Live)
  C5. Danny Boy (Live)
  D1. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Live)
  D2. Going Down (Live)
  D3. Tribal (Studio)
  D4. My Tiled White Floor (Studio)

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