The Prog Collective – Epilogue (2LP)

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Epilogue Featuring members of Yes, Dream Theater, Gong, Curved Air, Porcupine Tree, Asia, and Nektar PLUS Steve Stevens, Nik Turner, Steve Morse, Alan Parsons, special guest William Shatner and more!
Format: Release: Style:
2 LP, Album October 8, 2013 Prog Rock


A-1 Are We To Believe 7:19
A-2 What Can Be Done 7:48
B-1 Addin Fuel To The Fire 7:30
B-2 Tomorrow Becomes Today 7:34
C-1 Shining Diamonds 7:53
C-2 In Our Time
D-1 Memory Tracks 7:58
D-2 Just Another Day 9:01
D-3 Epilogue 2:28

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