Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone (2LP)

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Format: Release: Style:
2 LP, Album March 23, 2018 Hard Rock, Arena Rock


A1 The Power Of Partying 1:36
A2 Music Is Worth Living For 4:23
A3 Ever Again 3:19
A4 I Don’t Know Anything 2:55
A5 The Feeling Of Being Alive 0:47
B1 Party Mindset 4:12
B2 The Party Never Dies 3:00
B3 Give Up On You 3:17
B4 Keep On Going 4:07
C1 In Your Darkest Moments 1:05
C2 The Devil’s On Your Side 5:23
C3 Break The Curse 6:22
D1 Total Freedom 3:56
D2 Beyond Oblivion 4:07
D3 Confusion And Clarity 1:01
D4 You’re Not Alone 3:05

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