Ayreon – The Final Experiment (2LP)

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The Final Experiment
Format: Release: Style:
LP, Album August 26, 2016 Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


A1 Prologue 3:17
A2 The Awareness 6:36
A3 Eyes Of Time 5:06
B1 The Banishment 11:08
B2 Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy 2:46
B3 Sail Away To Avalon 4:02
C1 Nature’s Dance 2:28
C2 Computer-Reign 3:25
C3 Waracle 6:44
C4 Listen To The Waves 4:59
D1 Magic Ride 3:36
D2 Merlin’s Will 3:20
D3 The Charm Of The Seer 4:12
D4 Swan Song 2:44
D5 Ayreon’s Fate 6:56


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