FleetFoxes – First Collection 2006-2009 / BOX SET (LP+3×10″)

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First Collection 2006-2009
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LP + 3×10″, Ltd.Ed., Box Set November 9, 2018 Folk


Fleet Foxes
A1 Sun It Rises
A2 White Winter Hymnal
A3 Ragged Wood
A4 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
A5 Quiet Houses
A6 He Doesn’t Know Why
B1 Heard Them Stirring
B2 Your Protector
B3 Meadowlarks
B4 Blue Ridge Mountains
B5 Oliver James
Sun Giant EP
C1 Sun Giant
C2 Drops in the River
C3 English House
D1 Mykonos
D2 Innocent Son
The First EP
E1 She Got Dressed
E2 In the Hot Hot Rays
E3 Anyone Who’s Anyone
F1 Textbook Love
F2 So Long to the Headstrong
F3 Icicle Tusk
B-Sides & Rarities
G1 False Knight on the Road
G2 Silver Dagger
G3 White Lace Regretfully
G4 Isles
H1 Ragged Wood (Transition Basement Sketch)
H2 He Doesn’t Know Why (Demo)
H3 English House (Basement Demo)
H4 Hot Air (Basement Sketch)

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